Peter Ciccotto

Creative + UX + Product Strategy with a passion for mobile and emerging media.

Hi! I'm Peter Ciccotto. Over my career, I've gained considerable experience designing and building interfaces for users of established and emerging digital formats, and working with the content and teams that make these platforms shine. More specifically, I've led design projects for fun stuff like:

  • Web and native app design, prototyping and creative direction
  • Shaping software platforms and ecosystems - plenty of writing and visualization at whatever fidelity is required
  • 3D games built in Unity (for iOS and Android)
  • Google Glass apps (as part of Google's preferred developer program)
  • Gesture input devices - Figuring out the most sensible user experience on digital surfaces or in virtual spaces
I'm intrigued by the connection between software and hardware, and the overall user experience and interaction with the interfaces that surround us.

Most recently, I've been busy with:

Going a little further back: